20 year old college student. I have a passion for exercise, and healthy living. Other things I enjoy are traveling, reading, gossip magazines, painting my nails, shopping, and nature. I am living my life the way it was finally supposed to be lived


staygoldenponygirl asked
You're so pretty:) I just wanted to tell you that:)

o wow. You made my night. I am very hard on myself and never feel i am good enough physically. I appreciated your comment and please feel free to contact me anytime

Hoeme is where ever im with you

That is right. I am talking to me. I really need to learn that lesson.

Valentines Day

Well today is the first Valentines Day I have been alone since High School. I was totally fine with it until tonight. Now I am sad and anxious and lonely. I wonder if I will ever find someone again. I do not want to do my Homework. I just want to be loved. yes yes I know I am loved by family and friends.